An SBI Website Makes The Most Sense

I've told you why I built this SBI Website, now let me tell you how.

The SBI! Solution

Actually, the first time I ever heard of an SBI website was when I read about it being a bad idea in a blogger site criticizing SBI! The criticism came from a guy who knew all about html code and all the other stuff needed to make a website really work. He sounded very knowledgeable and I was convinced he knew his stuff. And he probably does - it just that I don't really want to know that stuff.

I want to build my business, not become a computer code guru. I read more about SBI! The more I read, the better it sounded, but I guess the cop came out in me. I was very skeptical. The last thing I wanted was to take some "shortcut" and end up getting ripped off, wasting time and money. I was still convinced I would have to learn a lot more about what made a site work if I was ever going to be successful online. Still, I kept seeing sites built by SBI! and Sitesell (which is the same thing). The users claimed to love it and said it helped them be successful. But a used car salesman claims every car is great, too, right? So I remained skeptical and determined to find the best way to learn how to build a site that would make me money.

My Search

As I searched and read, I kept coming back to more examples leading me to an SBI website. The only ones I found who were negative about it were the "guru" types who have a vested interest in keeping people dependent on them. Don't misunderstand, I respect and appreciate knowledge. I am impressed that someone has taken the time and put in the effort to learn the things necessary to make a website work - I mean really work, so that people come to it and it can generate income. But I don't really want to have to learn all those things. My purpose is to build a profitable website, not to learn about site building.

But Can't I Do This For Free?

I noticed that a lot of the things they said you needed in order to build a good site weren't free. Okay, some of them are free, and a lot of them have free versions. But the real versions with horsepower aren't free. So, by the time you get all the pieces in place to actually build your website, you may very well have spent more than the cost of SBI! And who knows if all the pieces will work well together? That's really what convinced me to give SBI! a shot. If I was going to spend the money anyway, why not use a product with pieces that are made to work together?

More Research

I went to the SBI website and read all I could read. I was impressed. The quotes and videos from actual users were very convincing. Having been in offline business before, I didn't expect to get into online business for free. But the cost for SBI! was so cheap, I was skeptical that I would really get what I needed. The money back guarantee kicked it over the line for me. What could I lose? Some time and a few dollars. So I took the plunge and signed up!

That was a decision I have never regretted.

I can honestly say that to this point, SBI! has delivered everything it promised. Actually, more, since new products and updated versions come out regularly. Of course, all of the upgrades are included in the original price. I opted to pay for a year - not just because it saved me some money, but because I wanted to commit. Sure I can get my money back, but I wanted to give this a full year of honest effort. So why not pay for a full year? The SBI website Action Guide leads you through every step - at your own pace. I repeated several of the segments. I wanted to get it right.

Be Ready To Work!

SBI is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate opportunity to build an online business. It takes time - it takes effort. If you are looking for a way to make money without having to work, keep looking, this ain't it. And good luck with that!

This requires a lot of effort. A lot of committment. I don't want to rush through and mess up, thereby wasting my time. I intend to do it right this time! The guide is very thorough. I have actually learned a little html code! I still don't have any real desire to know that stuff, and fortunately I don't have to. SBI! knows it and makes it easy for me. I can't believe how easy the page building is once you do it a few times. There is an Analyze It! button to check your page for proper optimization before you publish it. After only a few pages, I was getting the various components right without having to edit them! Still, I can't imagine publishing a page with first using Analyze It! It takes a few seconds - why wouldn't you be sure? Graphics - text links - SBI! makes it all so easy. Go through the Action Guide, do the process a few times, and you can do it on your own.

I am completely satisfied with SBI! so far. I'm learning every day, but I'm building my business at the same time. I'm not spending my time studying with nothing to show for it. I have a long way to go, but I can certainly say that I've made far more progress than I did with my other site, in far less time. In less than two months I have far more traffic than I was able to generate after many months of frustration. As the traffic grows, so does my motivation! I'll update this page with my progress, but so far, I heartily endorse SBI!.

Its free to click and read. It'll just take a few minutes to check it out. If you've taken the time to read all of this, you must be looking for something. Take the first step to see if an SBI website might be it. It was right for me!

Thanks for taking the time to read - and best wishes as you pursue your dreams.

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